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TomSKA's asdfmovieEdit

asdfmovie is a short, random movie that has totally random scenes. In some occasions, the character reappears on the random scenes. The movies are usually  48 seconds long. So far, each video has at least been seen 18 million times.


The movie is very random. Everyone who has seen it has at least laughed once, considering smiles. One of the classics was the "got your nose" scene, sript:

Kid one: Got your nose (pretended to snatch kid two's nose)

Kid two: hehe

Cop:(smashes door open) look out! he got a nose (shoots gun)


Movie 1

Movie 2

Movie 3

Movie 4

Movie 5

Movie 6

Complete scripts are found in the Official Wiki. Link is below

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Official asdfmovieWiki

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