Article I: Publishing or CreatingEdit

Section 1: This wiki only allows creating of pages only if it is fun. 

Section 2: During in creation of pages, you shall not make irrelevant/abusive/inappropriate words, this also includes words unsafe to children.

Article II: EditingEdit

Section 1: Editing an entity requires accurate information.

Article III: PunishmentsEdit

Section 1: Punishments are given respectively:

  • Users that edit with false/icorrect information- one month ban
  • Non-Users that edit with false/incorrect information- One and a quarter months ban
  • Users that use inappropriate word either in comment, editing, or pages- five month ban
  • Non-users that use inappropriate words either in comment, editing, or pages- banned forever
  • Users that disobeyed every policies- banned forever
  • Non-users that disobeyed every policies- one year ban
  • Users did more than twice of what is said above- banned forever
  • Non-users did more than twice of what is said above- two year ban

Section 2: Excuses can be allowed if reasonable enough, but either users or non-users may no longer have the right to edit.

Section 3: Minor violations will have a lighter punishment- one-week ban