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Minecraft is a sandbox game created by Markus "Notch" Persson. It is a game where you can survive into the wilderness or even invent new machines. This game has no limits to what you want to create! Official Website:

What This Page Is ForEdit

This page is where I will talk about what you may do in minecraft and what is possible to do.

What Can You Do?Edit

Minecraft is all about having anything to do without limits, but of course, the game has its own limits. In Minecraft, you can suvive nights of zombies and killing animals for for food. On top of that, you can also mine stuff and build houses. You may also trade with villagers or explore temples. Those are just the start for the life of Minecraft.

You can have war with enemies with multiplayer or build large objects like cities or 10 by 1 statues. Creating machines and such.


- survival and creative mode

- new type of one life survival called hard core mode

- single player (SP) commands

- multiplayer (MP) commands

- choice of terrain

- tens of biomes

- first person view (view of being the character)

- for complete features, go to