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Command And Conquer GeneralsEdit

C&C Generals is a strategy-wargame that allows you to build war-related infrastructures, commanding units, gathering supplies, and fight with cpu or friends.

What Exactly Can You Do?Edit

You can destroy foes with your fiery strength, use special weapons of mass destruction, or even team up with friends to defeat powerful enemies. Build defences in cases of enemy attacks.

Features: (Currently Inaccurate)Edit

- Enemies

- three modes

- 15+ terrains

- special weapons

- jets, tanks and infantry


USA- Has jets (more compared to China) like the aurora bomber, and raptor F22

 - commanches

 - tanks (but only with a little choice compared to others) like humvees

 - infantry

 - powerful defense vs. tanks and jets| weak defense vs. infantry

 - more expensive objects

China- Has jets (minimal coices)

  - has tanks (lots of choices)

  - has infantry

  - has powerful defense against all types of enemies

  - fair prices

GLA- no jets

- Has tanks (lots of choices)

- has infantry

- powerful defense against all types of enemies

-cheap prices

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