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 ==Cardfight!! Vanguard==

Vanguard is a cardgame which resembles a war. This game has a variety of cards. This game has a leader called "vanguard" which means the one who leads the way. Your vanguard is your avatar. You have two powers: one is to summon more units into the game, the other is to control and attack with them. Official Website


Turn steps:

Stand and Draw-face up all cards faced to the side and draw card from deck

Ride- place an increased grade

Call- place units to rear guard

attack- turn card sideways to attack with the amount on the bottom of the card. you may boost with back row rearguard only if it has a "boost" sign.

Drive trigger check- if your vanguard attacks, this occur. take a card from deck, if it has something in the top right corner, you may use ability. If non, place to hand. you may do ittwice if card has "twin drive" ability

guard- use amount on side of card to guard.  Guard added to vanguard's power must be more than attack power

Damage Trigger Check- if vanguard is hit,this occurs. take card from top of deck, if there is  trigger, you may do so and place to damage, if no trigger, place card to damage.

End turn- give turn to enemy


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